Share a Cup of Tea,
Build a Legacy of Empowerment

“Lift Me to Lift Them”

Your Generosity is Their Future

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A Sip of Support, A Sea of Change

In the heart of Rwanda, a country vibrant and resilient, women are weaving tales not with threads, but with bytes and bits.
CalmGeek TechBridge Foundation was born from such women visionaries who saw beyond their success, who held their triumphs only as high as they could lift their communities.
Imagine: with the simple act of sharing your tea, you can unlock the untapped potential of countless Rwandan women and youth yearning to be part of our digital tomorrow.

A sip of support a sea of change. Image generate by AI

Donation Impact

Each contribution you make builds the bridge from hardship to hope, from isolation to inclusion, from survival to sustainability. Your donation isn't just a gift; it's a ladder for an early impregnated young woman to climb out of stigma, a key for a student to unlock endless knowledge, and a spark for an aspiring entrepreneur to ignite her tech dreams.

Stories of Impact

Once a mother at 16, now a savvy web developer, your donation rewrote Mary's story from a narrative of struggle to one of strength.

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MaryTales of her story

Because of a gifted laptop, Esther transformed from a silent observer at the back of a classroom into a vocal and passionate tech mentor, leading her own ICT club.

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EstherThe journey worth supporting

Your shared tea sponsored Annette's coding bootcamp, and today, she crafts apps that solve real community problems — apps that once were just sketches in her imagination.

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AnnetteThe Dream for a better future
A sip of support a sea of change. Image generate by AI

Your Donation, Their Testament

When you donate to CalmGeek TechBridge, you don’t just give a donation; you make a statement. You affirm that every woman and girl possesses an inherent dignity and an unassailable right to shape her future through technology. With your help, we can transform the narrative from "I can't" to "I will" and from "help me" to "watch me soar."

How to Donate

One-Time Gift

A single contribution can fund an hour of coding class, internet access for research, or part of a digital literacy workshop.

Monthly Support

Become a part of our journey with a monthly donation, and witness the continuous growth that your sustained support can cultivate.

Legacy Giving

Leave a lasting footprint on the digital landscape of Rwanda by including CalmGeek TechBridge in your estate planning.

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Special Thanks

To our donors, who have shared not just their resources, but their belief in our cause. Each donation fuels our commitment to create a future where being a woman, being a mother, or being young aren’t seen as barriers but as unique strengths to celebrate and elevate. Your Name or Your Organization’s Name could be here, on our Wall of Empowerment, honoring those who serve as the cornerstone of our cause.

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What Your Tea Can Do

Imagine the impact of your mornings if, with every sip of tea, you changed a life. That’s not just powerful; that’s transformational. By sharing just a fraction of what you have, you help build a community where every woman and young person can proudly say, “I am part of Rwanda’s digital revolution.”

Contact Us for More Information

To learn more about how your contributions make a difference, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our doors (and inboxes) are always open.

Email Address:

Phone Number: +250 781234567

We at CalmGeek TechBridge Foundation invite you to make a toast to empowerment, sharing your tea to bridge the tech gap, one thoughtful sip at a time. Together, let’s lift our women so they can uplift the world.

"Alone, I can speak. Together, we can shout. Alone, I can run. Together, we can soar."