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Transformative Services that Connect, Educate, and Empower

Experience the Power of Possibility with CalmGeek TechBridge

At CalmGeek TechBridge Foundation, we offer an array of services designed to break down digital barriers and uplift the Rwandan community. From fundamental tech education to innovative learning platforms, our services forge paths for opportunity and growth. Here's how we're making a difference:

Digital Literacy Programs

Creating a Foundation for the Future

Our digital literacy programs are the bedrock of inclusion. We introduce basic computer skills to beginners, ensuring they can navigate the digital world with confidence. This service is especially tailored to help young mothers and students, providing them with the tools to participate fully in a tech-centric society.

Tech for Mothers

Empowering Mothers, Empowering Generations

Early motherhood can be a roadblock to education — but not at CalmGeek TechBridge. Our 'Tech for Mothers' initiative offers flexible training schedules, childcare support, and a supportive community, ensuring that young mothers don't have to choose between parenthood and education.

Advanced Tech Training

Unlocking Potential, Byte by Byte

For those who aspire to excel, our advanced tech training workshops delve into specialized areas such as coding, web development, and cybersecurity. Through hands-on projects and mentorship, participants gain market-ready skills that can transform their career prospects.

ICT Career Counseling

Guiding Paths, Igniting Passion

We know that navigating the tech industry can be daunting. Our ICT career counseling services support individuals in discovering their passion within the vast world of technology. We connect them with professionals, internships, and job opportunities that align with their talents and interests.

E-Learning Platforms

Education Without Borders

Learning shouldn't stop because you can't get to a classroom. Our e-learning platforms break down geographical barriers, offering remote education to communities far and wide. This service is a bridge to knowledge for those who might otherwise be cut off due to location, caregiving duties, or other commitments.

Community Tech Hubs

Local Spaces for Global Ideas

Our community tech hubs are more than just computer labs they're vibrant spaces where people come together to learn, innovate, and collaborate on tech solutions for local problems. These hubs also host regular community events, workshops, and speaker sessions

Entrepreneurial Incubation

Nurturing Ideas, Growing Businesses

For the dreamers ready to start their tech ventures, we provide an incubation program designed to offer resources, mentorship, and support to turn those dreams into viable startups. This service is crucial for building a sustainable and innovative local economy.

Partnerships & Networking

Connecting for Greater Impact

We believe in the power of collaboration. Our partnerships with tech companies, educational institutions, and NGOs amplify our impact and create valuable networking opportunities for our participants. We work together to build a brighter digital future for Rwanda.

Each service we offer at CalmGeek TechBridge Foundation aims to create lasting impact. They are not only services but stepping stones towards a more inclusive, empowered, and prosperous society.

Together, we can cultivate the grounds for digital literacy and innovation, where every individual has the opportunity to grow, contribute and thrive.

"We're not just building skills; we're building futures"