About Us

Welcome to the CalmGeek TechBridge Foundation, the heart of digital empowerment in Rwanda. Born from the commitment to transcend digital disparities, we are a beacon of innovation and education for those on the margins. Our story unfolded in March 2020, spearheaded by the founders of CalmGeek Ltd, a group of visionary women with expertise in computer and software engineering and a shared dream of nurturing digital proficiency within their community.

Our Mission

At CalmGeek TechBridge, our mission is profound yet simple: to bridge the technological divide and enable 12-year basic education graduates and early impregnated women to unlock their full potential through digital literacy and technology skills. We are devoted to transforming lives by making tech education accessible, relevant, and empowering.

Our Vision

We envision a society where no individual is left behind in the digital revolution. Our goal is to create an inclusive future where Rwandans from all backgrounds can confidently navigate and thrive in a tech-driven global landscape.

Our Impact

ICT Clubs: Pioneering the establishment of school-based ICT clubs, we’ve laid the groundwork for ongoing tech education from an early age.COVID-19 Response: Our agile development of a contact tracing system was pivotal in managing the pandemic within Rwanda.E-learning Expansion: By launching an e-learning platform serving Rwanda and Ethiopia, we ensured educational continuity during unsettling times.Community Empowerment: Thousands of individuals now have the digital skills to pursue opportunities previously beyond reach, thanks to our tailored programs.

Our Objectives

To eradicate the tech literacy gap by providing comprehensive digital education.To foster sustainable skill development by aligning with the market demands in the ICT sector.To enhance employability and entrepreneurial spirit among our program participants.To champion gender inclusivity in tech by supporting young women sidelined by early pregnancy.

Our Approach

Our programs are built on a strong foundation of collaboration, innovation, and dedication. We partner with educational institutions, private tech companies, and community leaders to ensure our training is state-of-the-art and impactful.

Our Sustainability

We are committed to the long-term success and expansion of our programs. By engaging local and international donors, securing grants, and establishing strategic partnerships, we ensure our foundation is financially robust and our impact, enduring.

Join Us

We call on philanthropists, tech enthusiasts, and change-makers to join us in our quest to digitize talent, democratize opportunity, and deepen the technological roots of Rwanda. Your support can transform lives by paving the way for digital inclusivity and societal advancement.

Donate Now

Your contribution is more than just a donation; it's an investment in human potential. Support us and become a vital part of the journey to a more digitally inclusive Rwanda.

"Let's innovate, empower, and bridge gaps, one digital milestone at a time."